Larry Peninsula is a new country artist from Helsinki, Finland.

Since the beginning Larry has been determined and persistent with his music and now the results of hard work are finally showing. Debut album “Country Music Only” was released in February 2018. The single “Country Music Only” received a great reception all around the world.  His songs lean to traditional country but has influences from other genres too. Larry is a real entertainer and a performer that makes everyone in the audience have a good time.

Peninsula has performed with  Jussi Syren & The Groundbreakers, Mikko Alatalo and in America with The Wallace Brothers Band and has opened for Doug Seegers (USA), Cina Samuelson (SWE), Mats Rådberg (SWE) and played as a backing band for George Highfill (USA).


*Country Music Only charted as #1 for nine weeks in row on Country Music Life’s Top New Country Music List.

*Country Music Only was added to Saving Country Music’s Top 25 List.

*Larry’s songs has been played on radio stations in USA, France, Denmark, England, Scotland, Finland

*Larry was the organiser and the host of American Music Night Festival in Oulu, Finland for 3 years

*Larry’s music has been covered in several Finnish newspapers including YLE television news.

*Collaboration with Mikko Alatalo on a song Kantriäijät. Click for the video!